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A simple Amazon Web Service kinesis consumer that will log real-time data on your terminal.
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Aaxis Kinesis Consumer

A simple Kinesis consumer to log real-time data on your console.


Before you begin, Node.js and NPM must be installed on your system. For download instructions for your platform, see

Running The Consumer App

Get all required NPM modules. From the root of the repository, execute the following command on your terminal:

npm install

This downloads all dependencies.

Inside the app folder, add a js file and name it "credentials.js". Paste the code below and provide the details of your AWS Kinesis account:

    'use strict';

    //provide the access key, secret access key, stream name, and region
    var credentials = module.exports = {
        accessKeyId: "",
        secretAccessKey: "",
        stream : "",
        region : ""

Execute the following commands from the root of the repository:

    cd app
    node index.js
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