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Fix typo in readme
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hunzaboy committed Mar 2, 2019
2 parents 643830a + 31959c1 commit c916b99ceac29f69c71fd6517bed43be6fffb75d
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@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ Integration
- Clone the [bulma repo](
- Under the `sass` folder, create a new folder called `extensions`
- In this new folder, create a new file `megamenu.scss`
- Copy the code form the `bulma-megamenu repo`'s [megamenu.scss]( file into your new file
- Copy the code from the `bulma-megamenu repo`'s [megamenu.scss]( file into your new file
- In the same folder create a new file `_all.sass` (this is not required, but will help when you add more extensions)
- In this file add this code:

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