Codes for paper "An Embedding Approach to Anomaly Detection."
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Codes for paper "An Embedding Approach to Anomaly Detection.", ICDE, 2016

Usage: command line parameters

filename: filename of network (no '.txt' suffix), e.g., input 'network' for 'network.txt';

d: number of dimensions, n/500 by default;

thre: parameter thre, used in AScore for detecting anomalies;

eps: parameter eps, stop condition of gradient descent, 0.001 by default;

pa: binary number, 1 print anomaly, 0 not;

rg: binary number, 1 rewrite graph by deleting anomalies, 0 not;

network file

first line: n m (#nodes & #edges)

following m lines: s t (end points of an edge) (The indices of nodes start with 0. Only one edge of each node pair needs to be included in the edge list.)

ground-truth of anomalies

If networks have ground-truth of anomalies, the filename of the ground-truth should by [filename]-anomaly.txt

E.g., the network filename is 'network.txt', the ground-truth should be 'network-anomaly.txt'

pa file (print anomaly)

first line: #anomalies

following k lines: node id of an anomaly

rg file (rewrite graph)

The format is the same to network file.

The node indices are reordered, i.e., indices of anomalies are used by other nodes.

E.g., original network has 3 edges: <0,1> <0,2> <1,2>

if 0 is detected as an anomaly, the rg network should only have 1 edge: <0,1>, where the remaining nodes are reordered.

external library

We use the METIS library for graph partitioning.

The deployment of METIS for MS Visual Studio in x64 platform is as follows:

  1. Open project Property Page;

  2. Configuration Properties -> VC++ Directories, add the directory containing 'metis.h' & 'metis.lib' into "Include Directories" and "Library Directories";

  3. Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Input, add metis.lib into "Additional Dependencies"

For Linux OS users, please follow the guides in the homepage of METIS.


  1. ABC: Adaptive Betweenness Centrality

Reference: Yuichi Yoshada. Almost Linear-Time Algorithms for Adaptive Betweenness Centrality using Hupergraph Sketches. In KDD, 2014.

  1. OddBall

Reference: Leman Akoglu, Mary McGlohon, Christos Faloutsos. oddball: Spotting Anomalies in Weighted Graphs. In PAKDD, 2010.

  1. MDS

Reference: V. de Silva and J. B. Tenenbaum. Global versus local methods in nonlinear dimensionality reduction. In NIPS, 2002.