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Upload and publish documents

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Upload your documents

At this time, Uwazi supports PDF format only as source of text, enabling all tools for working with text such as full-text search, tables of contents, text references and others.

You can quickly convert any Uwazi entity into a document by uploading a "main file":


PDFs allow us to work with the text of a document. Other file formats such as .doc, .txt, .odt, .jpg, etc can be included in your document collection as an attachment to your PDF document. This might come in handy when you the original file is something other than a PDF and you want to archive it with the PDF version.

Upload your PDFs by clicking on the upload icon in the top right corner of the site.


You can either drag and drop your PDF files into the designated box, or you can browse your local files and select which ones you want to upload.

upload options

Your files will be added to the upload section of Uwazi, but they will not be published until you assign a template and click publish (see below).

Publish your documents

Before you publish your documents, you need to assign a template to them (and preferably some metadata as well). To do that you can select one document, make your edits in the right sidebar, and then click save.

You can also select and edit multiple documents.

When you are finished adding properties to your unpublished documents, you can publish/unpublish them by clicking on the button with the paper airplane icon:


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