Existing Simulation Packages

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virtualspecies (R)

Contains functions for static species distributions based on environmental suitability: random generation, pres/abs, customizable response functions. Tutorial


Simulates single species dispersal across a suitability landscape allowing for: dispersal kernal (and LDD), propagule production, invasibility, dispersal barriers. Uses suitability threshold rather than probabilistic approach. Also has options for environmental change. Paper

neutral.vp (R)

Simulates neutral communities across landscape, including niche-filtering and dispersal limitation. From Smith & Lundholm (2010). Must be compiled using Rtools and packfor. See this example for how to download and compile.

VirtualCom (R)

Simulation of community assembly including trait evolution. Paper

SpatialDemography (R)

Spatially explicit meta-community model with four life stages (dispersing, sessile non-reproductive (x2), sessile reproductive. Paper

Existing simulations

A stochastic model for landscape patterns of biodiversity

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