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Avian Diet Database


This database is a quantitative summary of the published literature on the diets of bird species.

Interactive Website

This website ( allows users to explore the most up-to-date database information, and to generate basic summaries by diet or prey item.

R Package

A developmental R package is available here for exploring, summarizing, and filtering the database in the R environment.

Note that the dietdb database object loaded with this package may be slightly out of date relative to the AvianDietDatabase.txt file in this repository.

Data Entry

Instructions for entering and cleaning new diet data information can be found here.

Did you find an error in the database? Do you know of a published study with quantitative diet information that is not included in our database?

Let us know! Post an issue by clicking ‘Issues’ near the top left (requires a Github account), or send an email to


Please cite this dataset as:

Hurlbert, A. H., Olsen, A. M., Sawyer, M. M., and Winner, P. M. 2021. Avian Diet Database.


Many individuals contributed to this compilation of diet records. Specifically we would like to thank M. Auriemma, J. Barnes, M. Blawas, C. Bridges, J. Cook, R. Cooper, A. Duprey, J. Fox, G. Glass, T. Hennessey, J. Knowlton, E. Kremer, W. Larsen, E. McGeady, T. McKinnon, G. Ni, L. Peeler, R. Quindlen, A. Richards, D. Ryu, M. Sandoval, C. Seyfried, S. Swinea, and J. Willard, A. Zachman. M. Pan, T. Randby, and T. Le developed the web interface for exploring the database. AHH also acknowledges support from NSF DEB-1354563 and NSF EF-1702708.


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