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Jekyll theme scaffold for deploying CFA disaster response/shelter tracking map
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Code For America Disaster Response Hub


This site is a static Jekyll site served on GitHub Pages.

See the Jekyll docs for local installation

Disaster Response Hub

Description: A quick response web hub for disaster response and sharing maps and data from Shelter & POD API

Status: In development, preparing for 2019 hurricane season

Default site screenshot.


TODO:document configuation options

Known issues

See our open issues

Note: Mapbox donates their product to us for free for volunteer projects only -- if the project ends up getting adopted by a government partner or somehow turns into a commercial project, we'll have to plan a transition to a different Mapbox account.

Getting involved

Our getting started document serves as the best entry for the project for all types of contributions.

Open source licensing info

  2. Code of Conduct

Credits and references

Built off of previous hurricane responses Florence, & Michael

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