Codemod scripts that update Sinon APIs
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This repository contains a collection of codemod scripts based for use with JSCodeshift that help update Sinon APIs.

Setup & Run

  • npm install -g jscodeshift
  • git clone or download a zip file from
  • Run npm install in the sinon-codemod directory
    • Alternatively, run yarn to install in the sinon-codemod directory for a reliable dependency resolution
  • jscodeshift -t <codemod-script> <path>
  • Use the -d option for a dry-run and use -p to print the output for comparison

Included Scripts


Converts 3-argument calls to sinon.stub(x,y,z) into `sinon.stub(x,y).callsFake(z).

jscodeshift -t sinon-codemod/extract-calls-fake.js <path>