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  • install npm ci
  • run in development mode npm run start
  • run tests, type check and prettier check npm run validate
  • build npm run build


  • check if is properly filled and date is updated
  • up versions in, package.json and manifest.json
  • make commit with message prepare VERSION_NUMBER
  • run node ./scripts/release.js
  • go to and upload new version

Random notes

  • Chrome CSP
    • Because of Chrome plugins CSP policy we cannot have inline scripts unless we mention their sha256+base64 value in manifest.json in content_security_policy field. Create React App includes some inline scripts by default so we would either need to have some build pipeline that extracts these scripts value and ads its sha256+base64 into manifest.json or we could use INLINE_RUNTIME_CHUNK=false environment variable that puts these scripts into external file.
    • Another inline script is window.GLOBAL_PERF_TIMESTAMP =; that is used for performance measuring. This one is added manually into manifest.json. Side note: performance.timeOrigin seemed to return wrong timings, investigate further in the future
  • Create React App does not support testing files that have name test.ts, only files with *.test.ts or *.spec.ts patterns, so we go around this by calling tests spec.test.ts
  • Global state is available in dev mode on window._state.
  • Bing API does not provide CORS headers, so we have ./hello-cors-proxy project that proxies the requests.s


  • wicg-inert
    • remove polyfill, once supported by browsers


  • Icon by Alice Noir with slight modifications by me.


  • chrome store
    • images without settings button
  • hotkeys (esc) do not work when input is focused
  • show changelog somewhere in menu
  • decimal places in age configurable
  • animations
    • use react-spring
    • animate view transitions
    • animate menu height
    • also menu bugs
      • no when menu height content is extended, it lags behind content
      • when menu height content is collapsed, it happens instantly
    • animate text appear/disappear in menu
  • background image switching seems slow and buggy sometimes
  • conditional updated is broken when we change clocks showSeconds prop, overall behavior seems strange investigate!
  • add calendar widget?
  • add another image providers?
  • images
    • try to load image from cache, if it is there display it, if not only then display offline fallback
    • bing image of the day
      • download once a hour, not on every page view?
      • when downloaded and it is new one, should we immediately switch to new one, or on next page view?


Chrome extension that replaces new tab page with widgets and fresh image every day.