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Chrome extension that replaces new tab page with widgets and fresh image every day.
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  • install npm ci
  • run in development mode npm run start
  • run tests, type check and prettier check npm run validate
  • build npm run build


  • check if is properly filled add date is updated
  • up versions in, package.json and manifest.json
  • run node ./scripts/release.js

Random notes

  • Chrome CSP
    • Because of Chrome plugins CSP policy we cannot have inline scripts unless we mention their sha256+base64 value in manifest.json in content_security_policy field. Create React App includes some inline scripts by default so we would either need to have some build pipeline that extracts these scripts value and ads its sha256+base64 into manifest.json or we could use INLINE_RUNTIME_CHUNK=false environment variable that puts these scripts into external file.
    • Another inline script is window.GLOBAL_PERF_TIMESTAMP =; that is used for performance measuring. This one is added manually into manifest.json. Side note: performance.timeOrigin seemed to return wrong timings, investigate further in the future
  • Create React App does not support testing files that have name test.ts, only files with *.test.ts or *.spec.ts patterns, so we go around this by calling tests spec.test.ts
  • Global state is available in dev mode on window._state.


  • There was an error trying to load the config "styledComponents" for the macro imported from "styled-components/macro. Please see the error thrown for more information
  • @types/styled-components 4.1.8 ❯ 4.1.16
  • typescript 3.4.5 ❯ 3.5.2
    • WARNING: You are currently running a version of TypeScript which is not officially supported by typescript-estree
  • @types/css-font-loading-module
    • once window.FontFace becomes standardized, remove
  • resize-observer-polyfill
    • remove polyfill, once supported by browsers
  • wicg-inert
    • remove polyfill, once supported by browsers
  • focus-visible
    • remove polyfill, once supported by browsers
    • remove .focus-visible class and use directly :focus-visible


  • Icon by Alice Noir with slight modifications by me.


TODO nice to have

  • hotkeys to toggle calendar/time
    • write about it in settings
  • chrome store
    • images without settings button
  • cors proxy
    • on now
    • on heroku?
  • fonts
    • precise cap-height boundaries for fonts
    • Text component?
  • hotkeys (esc) do not work when input is focused
  • when settings has focus, show it on minimalist view
  • show changelog somewhere in menu
  • show location and links somewhere else and somewhere more visible accessible?
    • main reasoning: you will use the settings once at the beginning, then you will only look what is on the picture etc
  • decimal places in age configurable
  • animations
    • use react-spring
    • animate view transitions
    • animate menu height
    • also menu bugs
      • no when menu height content is extended, it lags behind content
      • when menu height content is collapsed, it happens instantly
    • animate text appear/disappear in menu
  • background image switching seems slow and buggy sometimes
  • fix tests
  • resolve all todos in code
  • conditional updated is broken when we change clocks showSeconds prop, overall behavior seems strange investigate!
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