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/* =========================================================================
mdp_client.h - client API
Copyright (c) 1991-2012 iMatix Corporation <>
Copyright other contributors as noted in the AUTHORS file.
This file is part of the Majordomo Project:,
an implementation of (MDP/0.2) in C.
This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at
your option) any later version.
This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
Lesser General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>.
#include "../include/mdp_common.h"
#include "../include/mdp_client.h"
// Structure of our class
// We access these properties only via class methods
struct _mdp_client_t {
zctx_t *ctx; // Our context
char *broker;
void *client; // Socket to broker
int verbose; // Print activity to stdout
int timeout; // Request timeout
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------
// Connect or reconnect to broker
void s_mdp_client_connect_to_broker (mdp_client_t *self)
if (self->client)
zsocket_destroy (self->ctx, self->client);
self->client = zsocket_new (self->ctx, ZMQ_DEALER);
zmq_connect (self->client, self->broker);
if (self->verbose)
zclock_log ("I: connecting to broker at %s...", self->broker);
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------
// Constructor
mdp_client_t *
mdp_client_new (char *broker, int verbose)
assert (broker);
mdp_client_t *self = (mdp_client_t *) zmalloc (sizeof (mdp_client_t));
self->ctx = zctx_new ();
self->broker = strdup (broker);
self->verbose = verbose;
self->timeout = 2500; // msecs
s_mdp_client_connect_to_broker (self);
return self;
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------
// Destructor
mdp_client_destroy (mdp_client_t **self_p)
assert (self_p);
if (*self_p) {
mdp_client_t *self = *self_p;
zctx_destroy (&self->ctx);
free (self->broker);
free (self);
*self_p = NULL;
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------
// Set request timeout
mdp_client_set_timeout (mdp_client_t *self, int timeout)
assert (self);
self->timeout = timeout;
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------
// Set client socket option
mdp_client_setsockopt (mdp_client_t *self, int option, const void *optval, size_t optvallen)
assert (self);
assert (self->client);
return zmq_setsockopt (self->client, option, optval, optvallen);
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------
// Get client socket option
mdp_client_getsockopt (mdp_client_t *self, int option, void *optval, size_t *optvallen)
assert (self);
assert (self->client);
return zmq_getsockopt (self->client, option, optval, optvallen);
// Here is the send method. It sends a request to the broker.
// It takes ownership of the request message, and destroys it when sent.
mdp_client_send (mdp_client_t *self, char *service, zmsg_t **request_p)
assert (self);
assert (request_p);
zmsg_t *request = *request_p;
// Prefix request with protocol frames
// Frame 1: empty frame (delimiter)
// Frame 2: "MDPCxy" (six bytes, MDP/Client x.y)
// Frame 3: Service name (printable string)
zmsg_pushstr (request, service);
zmsg_pushstr (request, MDPC_CLIENT);
zmsg_pushstr (request, "");
if (self->verbose) {
zclock_log ("I: send request to '%s' service:", service);
zmsg_dump (request);
zmsg_send (request_p, self->client);
// Receive report from the broker.
// The caller is responsible for destroying the received message.
// If service is not NULL, it is filled in with a pointer
// to service string. It is caller's responsibility to free it.
zmsg_t *
mdp_client_recv (mdp_client_t *self, char **service_p)
assert (self);
zmsg_t *msg = zmsg_recv (self->client);
if (msg == NULL)
// Interrupt
return NULL;
if (self->verbose) {
zclock_log ("I: received reply:");
zmsg_dump (msg);
// Message format:
// Frame 1: empty frame (delimiter)
// Frame 2: "MDPCxy" (six bytes, MDP/Client x.y)
// Frame 3: REPORT|NAK
// Frame 4: Service name (printable string)
// Frame 5..n: Application frames
// We would handle malformed replies better in real code
assert (zmsg_size (msg) >= 5);
zframe_t *empty = zmsg_pop (msg);
assert (zframe_streq (empty, ""));
zframe_destroy (&empty);
zframe_t *header = zmsg_pop (msg);
assert (zframe_streq (header, MDPC_CLIENT));
zframe_destroy (&header);
zframe_t *service = zmsg_pop (msg);
if (service_p)
*service_p = zframe_strdup (service);
zframe_destroy (&service);
return msg; // Success
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