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WiFi jamming device
Python Arduino
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WiFi jamming device.

Imgur album:

How to:

  • Raspberry Pi:

    • Install Arch Linux as described here
    • Install python2, python2-raspberry-gpio, mdk3, i2c-tools packages.
    • Place in /opt/.
    • Place wifighter.service in /etc/systemd/system/.
    • Enable the WiFighter service: systemctl enable wifighter.
    • Plug any aircrack-ng compatible WiFi adapter (I used TL-WN722N).
  • Arduino:

    • Upload wifighter.ino to the board.
  • Wiring:

    • The Raspberry Pi as master with the Arduino as slave with address 0x04 over I2C, there is tons of tutorials on how to do this.
    • 3 LEDs (red, green & blue) or RGB LED with 23, 24 and 25 pins (limit their current with resistors).
    • Single pole, triple throw switch with it's far throws to 17 & 22 pins and pull the center throw to 3.3v.
    • LCD display with the Arduino like this:
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