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docker-py adapted to Hyper

It uses underscore '_' instead of '-' in its name like the original Hyper_ service, but you can actually install either spelling.

This is a thin adaptation layer of docker-py for it to work with Hyper's credential scheme

Install from pip

pip install hyper_sh

How to use

hyper_sh is used with the same API as docker-py

from hyper_sh import Client
c = Client()  # without argument, config is guessed by reading ~/.hyper/config.json
print c.images()
from hyper_sh import Client
c = Client("path/to/config.json")  # you can pass a specific config.json
print c.images()
from hyper_sh import Client
c = Client({'clouds': {
    os.environ['hyper_endpoint']: {
        "accesskey": os.environ['hyper_accesskey'],
        "secretkey": os.environ['hyper_secretkey']
}})  # or you can give the content of a config.json directly
print c.images()


At the moment, hyper_sh maps 1:1 to the api of docker-py, which means that some api will not work, as they are not supported by Hyper_.

There are some other API supported by Hyper_ that are not yet supported by this module (i.e. fip managment). Patches are welcome.