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Gathers machine learning and deep learning models for Reinforcement Learning
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Gathers machine learning and deep learning models for Reinforcement Learning.


All agents will be trained on RGB frames or feature values native from the game engine.

Right now I got machine and time limitation, I stopped working on this repository for a while, I promise I will get back.

ES == Evolution Strategies
DL == Deep Learning

How to read the file, game-folder/algorithm/{features, frames}_{DL, ES}.py

This repository will be update overtime.


Do not try any of these code yet, I never tested it before, still in development.


  1. Reward based {ES}
  2. Policy gradient {ES, DL}
  3. Q-learning {ES, DL}
  4. Double Q-learning {ES, DL}
  5. Recurrent-Q-learning {DL}
  6. Double Recurrent-Q-learning {DL}
  7. Dueling Q-learning {DL}
  8. Dueling Recurrent-Q-learning {DL}
  9. Double Dueling Q-learning {DL}
  10. Double Dueling Recurrent-Q-learning {DL}
  11. Actor-Critic {DL}
  12. Actor-Critic Dueling {DL}
  13. Actor-Critic Recurrent {DL}
  14. Actor-Critic Dueling Recurrent {DL}
  15. Async Q-learning {DL}

Games supported

  • Flappy bird
  • level 1 mario
  • pong
  • Catcher
  • Pixelcopter
  • Raycast Maze
  • Snake
  • Water World
  • Dooms
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