My emacs configuration prototype that will be based on package.el
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Emacs configuration

This is my emacs configuration setup that is based on package.el.


This emacs configuration is for emacs 24 or higher.

optional python requirements

Install python requirements from requirements.pip file.

$ sudo pip install -r requirements.pip

optional js requirements

Install jshint and tern to get javascript style warnings. Also install jsonlint to get json file style warning.

$ npm install -g jshint
$ npm install -g tern
$ npm install -g jsonlint

optional erlang requirements

This configuration uses erlang-mode that comes with erlang distribution. So if you are going to do erlang development you might need to change erlang-root-dir variable. (it is set in user-init-config.el file)


Just clone repository as ~/.emacs.d. When you start your emacs, emacs will download dependencies

$ git clone .emacs.d
$ emacs


You can add any customization you need to user-init-local.el file This file will run after the rest of the system is initialized.