A simple tool to teach children about colors.
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Truck Game

http://dev.yilmazhuseyin.com/truck/ (Firefox only)

This is a simple tool that can be use to teach children about colors as well as how to use mouse properly.

It is written in ecmascript5. Because of some mozilla spesific api is used, It will only work in firefox for now. After the development process, I will add chrome support. Game is drawn using SVG.

Tool is very easy to use. Where will be number of balls on the screen. When child chooses the right ball. ball will be fall into a truck and truck will be move out of screen. If child chooses a ball with wrong color. Truck will stay where it is and child will be able to try it again. There will also be a configuration link, from config menu you will be able to choose a spesific color to teach and number of balls that child will choose from.

This tool is still in development. When I have a woking version I will put a link for it to use.