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Grails MongoDB Blog

This is a simple blog created using Grails and MongoDB.

Demo version is hosted at heroku (

You can also browse around the admin module of the blog using following credentials.

Username: visitor
Password: visitor123

Following are the list of plugins used in this project.

#Default Plugins

  • Jquery 1.8.3
  • Resources 1.2
  • Tomcat 2.2.4
  • Cache 1.0.1

#Security Plugins

  • Spring Security

#Cloud Plugins

  • Webxml 1.4.1
  • Heroku 1.0.1
  • Cloud Support 1.4.1

#Other Plugins

  • ckeditor

Note: You may have to refresh the hosted blog at heroku couple of times if you are the 1st one accessing it in the last 2 hours as the free version of heroku goes to sleep after a while.

Any contributions are most welcome :)