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🔰 a simple Shields Badge service with PHP & SVG, Simple, Fast, Stable and Easy Deploy.
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Simple Shields

A very simple, stable, easy deploy Shields badge service with PHP & SVG. Inspired by Shields IO. ![]( ˘ ³˘)-ff69b4.svg)

  • Shields.IO style. Pixel-perfect, Retina-ready, Fast, Consistent, Hackable, No tracking.
  • Really Simple, only one PHP file with 60 rows, no dependence.
  • Easy deploy and Stable, Apache or nginx.

1. How to Use ?

The url format:

  • subject: the left part TEXT of shields.
  • status: the right part TEXT of shields.
  • color: the right part COLOR of shields. red, orange, yellow, brightgreen, green, yellowgreen, blue, grey, lightgrey are optional color name, or you can use RGB color, e.g. ff69b4.

2. Deploy your Own service

  1. Download the code, put it into the apache or nginx website dir.
  2. Add vhost on apache or nginx.
  3. optional step: Config the url rewrite. use .htaccess on apache(here is the file), use location config on nginx(here is the file).
  4. Binding you domain.

MEMO: if you don't rewrite url, you can use http://you-domain/api.php?subject=SUBJECT&status=STATUS&color=COLOR

3. Contribution

  • Fork the repo.
  • Add your code, and pull a request.
  • Or add a issue.

Thanks for Shields IO, inspired by it. The 404 page from internet.



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