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timeago-react is a simple react component used to format date with *** time ago statement. eg: '3 hours ago'.

The component based on timeago.js which is a simple javascript module.

  • Realtime render. Automatic release the resources.
  • Simple. Only 2kb.
  • Efficient. When the time is 3 hour ago, the interval will an hour (3600 * 1000 ms).
  • Locales supported.

npm build demo npm react supported npm


npm install timeago-react


import * as React from 'react';
import TimeAgo from 'timeago-react'; // var TimeAgo = require('timeago-react');

  datetime={'2016-08-08 08:08:08'}

Component props

  • datetime (required, string / Date / timestamp)

The datetime to be formatted. can be datetime string, Date instance, or timestamp.

  • live (optional, boolean)

Live render, default is true.

  • className (optional, string)

The class of span. you can setting the css style of span by class name.

  • opts.relativeDate (optional, string / Date / timestamp)

The datetime to be calculated interval relative to.

  • opts.minInterval (optional, number in seconds)

The min interval in seconds to update the ** time ago string

  • locale (optional, string)

The locale language of statement, default is en. All supported locales here. If you want to use locale which is not zh_CN / en, you should import the locale before use it. As below:

import * as React from 'react';
import TimeAgo from 'timeago-react';
import * as timeago from 'timeago.js';

// import it first.
import vi from 'timeago.js/lib/lang/vi';

// register it.
timeago.register('vi', vi);

// then use it.
  datetime={'2016-08-08 08:08:08'}
  • style (optional, object)

The style object to applied to the root element.

Props not documented above are applied to the root element.