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The Hut34 Project Team

Timothy McNamara B.Sc
System Architect
Tim delivers over 20 years experience in technology, finance and commerce. He has extensive experience in early stage technology development, market exchanges, and delivery of fintech projects; both on the ground, and as an investor and advisor. In addition to Hut34, most recent projects include development of artficial intelligence and chatbot services for early stage fintech projects.

Peter Godbolt
Blockchain Technology
Peter has extensive blockchain experience, having co-founded and led several projects. Having worked on a number of high profile token sales throught 2016 / 2017, he brings 'in the trenches' experience, along with a helicopter view of the dynamics of blockchain innovation.

Nicholas McDowell B.Eng
Chief (Crazy) Scientist
Nicholas brings to bear an extremely rich body of experience, covering areas so diverse they extend from Silicon Valley startups, to the Visual FX industry, to delivering on-the-ground solutions for the US Department of Defense. His capabilities enable him to facilitate the orchestration of architecture, design, development, test and successful delivery of secure, robust and tested platforms and products that breathe agility through world class continuous integration and development pipelines.

David Nabb B.Sc (Hons)
Developer & Engineer
David likes a challenge! He has over 30 years of corporate IT and business experience mostly in technology but more recently in leadership, innovation, creativity and problem solving being key threads throughout. Personal challenges too! Father of 3, partner to a head chef, Pom by birth emigrating in '99, Sheffield Wednesday fan, amateur DJ, mentor, many competitive events culminating in 2 Ironmans, a marathon & a 5km open water swim, cyclist and most other bucket list items ticked. An enduring passion for code, technology and finding creative and innovative solutions especially to problems others have failed to solve led him the graphic design & web design/dev space as a sideline focussing on local/small businesses & start-ups. Plus a realisation that the potential for blockchain and crytocurrencies is huge led to the ultimate challenge when he offered his services to Tim & the team and Tim accepted!

Shelton Fernando
Community and Education
Shelton and his partner have successfully raised 2 fur babies. He has been known to dabble in the odd adrenaline filled sport and has a passion for technology and people. He ranks eating good food and coffee pretty highly also. His blockchain journey began after realizing its potential was far greater than just a currency, excited by its promise and opportunities. He brings with him over 20 years’ experience across may different industries from Insurance, Local Government, Hospitality to Not for Profits. His passion for training and education saw him thrive on the never ending challenge of translating techie speak to non-techies. He loves the Hut because his alter ego is a chatbot!

Basit Basharat M.Comp Sc
Full Stack Engineer
Basit is a husband, a dad and a super dev. He was once a cricket tragic, but now not so much. He loves spending his weekends hiking in the countryside and is inspired by his work as a developer, being excited about the future of AI, robotics, and his contribution to the rapidly growing ethereum ecosystem.

Shahbaz Khurram M.Comp Sc
Full Stack Engineer
Shahbaz has completed a Masters in Computer Science and has over 10 years development experience. He is avid supporter of open systems technology in addition to working extensively in Enterprise Applications, Mobile Apps and Bot development. Most recently development focus has been startups in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and the Ethereum platform.

Lucien Antoine Tran
IoT Developer Intern
Lucien is currently studying a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and wants to pursue the electronic path rather than power. He left France 4 years ago to completely change his lifestyle. He enjoys soccer and basketball, maybe too much.

Marco Lau
Chatbot Developer Intern
Marco has a background in Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering, and has significant experience in software development from 2 years of Hackathons and Case Competitions. He is driven at a young age to become a leader in fintech industry and incorporate concepts from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.