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xamplr-gen is part of a set of software tools that supports development of ruby applications.

It consists of three gems hosted on gemcutter, source code on github.

There is an additional fourth github repository containing examples and documentation that will be coming soon.

Yes, that means that there's no documentation. And no examples. I agree, this is a very bad situation.

For more information, see the xampl page on, and/or the weblog 'So.'


sudo gem install xamplr-gen

This will install all three gems.

NOTE: if you have installed hutch-xamplr or hutch-xamplr-pp then you should uninstall them. For some reason, in certain circumstances, these might be loaded or partially loaded when trying to use xampl. If you don't you'll experience strange exceptions with hutch-xamplr or hutch-xamplr-pp on the stack trace.


xamplr-pp and xamlpr are both licensed under the LGPLv3.

xamplr-gen is licensed under AGPLv3

An alternative license may be negotiated, contact me (

Copyright (c) 2002-2010 Bob Hutchison.

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