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New bash alias: gvimwiki

In other news: due to incompatible `hostname` versions on Mac OS X and
Linux, the alias section changes a little bit. Nothing fancy, just a
little ugly.
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Martin Darmüntzel
Martin Darmüntzel committed Apr 2, 2012
1 parent ebae332 commit 765959bb27e698b7da67432560f68029dbd7e383
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@@ -69,15 +69,17 @@ export EDITOR="$HOME/dotfiles/bin/"
set editing-mode vi
# host-depending aliases (now with better overview):
-case $(hostname -s) in
- rupert)
+case $(hostname) in
+ rupert.local) # <-- because on `hostname -s` returns "localhost" on the other hosts >m(
alias g='mvim --remote-silent';
alias inst='brew install';
+ alias gvimwiki='mvim -c ":VimwikiIndex"';
alias g='gvim --remote-silent';
alias open='xdg-open';
- alias inst='sudo pacman -S'
+ alias inst='sudo pacman -S';
+ alias gvimwiki='gvim -c ":VimwikiIndex" --name gvimwiki';

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