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Convert Praat text to .csv columns

This is an .r code for splitting the columns from Praat windows. I assume that the users have basic knowledge about R programming.

This idea is inspired by the discussion on

Things you should do before running this code.

  1. Collecting data from Praat windows(Show pitch >>> Pitch listing) >>> Save as (.txt; Command+s on Mac). Don't forget saving this file to a specific folder.
  2. setwd("~......") must change to the path you save your input file. You can get this information through dragging the folder to the terminal on you computer.

Since the settings of computer of different users might be different, it's possible that this code does not work well on you computer. Don't worry and feel free to email me My working languages includes English and Mandarin.

Recommended reference: Dai, Huteng. “Convert Praat Text to .Csv Columns by Using R.” Feb. 2018.