A useful plugin for managing complex GUI menus , to be used in unity engine
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Menu Manager Plugin Unity3D

A useful plugin for managing complex GUI menus , to be used in unity engine

  • Load Dynamic Menus At Runtime
  • Easily Load new scene
  • Simple navigation between menus
  • Modular Design

You can also:

  • Import Custom GUI Themes to suit your needs
  • The plugin comes with nice example scene

This plugin has been developed to be used in any game to simplify the menu creation process , i usually use it with in game menus for my space games .

The plugin still needs lots of updates and improvements , feel free to contribute to the code and fix bugs if you found any.




You can get the plugin using one of the methods below

Once done start unity and follow the instruction below ,

  • Launch Unity Engine

From the menu:

  • go Assets -> Import Package...
  • From context menu in the Project View
  • enter context menu -> Import Package...

Then, in both cases, find the standard packages:

  • Browser to the path where you cloned or downloaded the package and select it .

You can also navigate to the needed package:

  • DbClick the package from Windows Explorer or Finder,

(just make sure that you have the target project open or that it was the last opened project)


Want to contribute? Great! Just submit a pull request and ill add it to the project its that easy ;)


  • Add Button Generator
  • Make Real time API
  • Add more shortcut functionality


MIT Free Software, Hell Yeah!