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C C++ CMake
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hutusi Use Huffman tree to encode and decode
encode and decode with huffman tree, using BitMap, HashTable, etc.
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Relearn and rethink C Programming Language, including some of data structures and algorithms.

The code is licensed under the MIT license, copyright by

Some of the code inspired (copied) by Simon Howard's c-algorithms, like ArrayList, etc. This project also reused his alloc-testing framework for memory testing.

RETHINK-C aims to build a reuseable codebase for C Programming Language.

How to build & test


  • Editor/IDE: VS Code is recommended.
  • GCC on Mac, Linux or Windows. (Recommend msys2 + MingW on Windows.)
  • CMake.
  • Clang-Format.

build & test:

  • build
cd build
cmake ..
  • test:
make test

Goals / Achievements

Basic Data Structures



String, Text.



  • Matrix multiplication
  • Eratosthenes sieve (prime numbers) prime.h prime.c
  • Carmichael Numbers (prime number)
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