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Notes and thoughts from public lectures written in Markdown
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2016-01-21 - UCL, London - We'll always have Paris: How COP21 produced a new international climate agreement - and why it just might work - Michael
2016-04-25 - TechForGoodMeetup - Technology and Justice [Runway East].md



Notes from Public Lectures I have attended, written in Markdown.

All notes are written on the fly and later edited for grammar and spelling. Quotations are an attempt to capture the presenters own words but should be treated with the caution as everything was rapidly typed with limited means to fact check.

Notes reflect what a speaker actually said - where speakers mispoke and reasonable guesses can be made towards their meaning, corrections will be made inline. Otherwise houghts of the note taker are listed separately between square brackets where clarification or context might be useful.

If you also attended the lecture and have corrections / amendments and want to submit a pull request, I'm happy to take edits.

Metadata format

Each set of notes will come with consistent metadata, eg:

Date: "2016-01-21"
Title: "We'll always have Paris"
Subtitle: "How COP21 produced a new international climate agreement - and why it just might work"
Scheduled_start_time: 17:30
Scheduled_end_time: 19:00
Location: London
Country: GB
Institutions: [University College London](
Departments: [Institute for Public Policy Research]( and [School of public Policy](
Speakers: [Michael Jacobs](
Audio_URL: "N/A"
Video_URL: "N/A"

Lectures Included

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