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The open curriculum for learning web development
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The Odin Project Curriculum: Learn Web Development for Free

This repository houses the curriculum used by The Odin Project. It is available for free to anyone who would like to learn web development in a project-focused and collaborative environment.*

See it live at

Students, educators, and developers are encouraged to make contributions to the curriculum. It has been greatly simplified so that it should be a rather straightforward process -- just fork this repository, make your changes (e.g. adding the link to your solution for one of the exercises), then submit a pull request. The lessons presented at are all stored in their appropriate course directories here.

For more information about contributing to this curriculum, see

For more information about The Odin Project, go to

For more information about contributing to The Odin Project, go to

For the source code to The Odin Project's main website (which pulls in this curriculum), check out the github repo here.

Happy Coding!

* See for usage details.

Created by [Erik Trautman](
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