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Simian for Grails

Simian plugin is using Simian to identify duplication for Grails app code,such as .groovy,.gsp,.java,.js,.css ..., and generate report file(html,xml).

Install Plugin

grails install-plugin simian 0.1-SNAPSHOT

Note:If you are using Grails 1.3.* or before, you should add the following code into "repositories" of your BuildConfig.groovy. If you are using Grails 2.*,please ignore this note:

grailsRepo ""

Plugin Usage

grails simian-report

Note:This plugin will use simian-2.3.33.jar.Due to there are not simian-2.3.33.jar in Maven Repository, you should upload simian-2.3.33.jar in your own repository and add the repository url in dependencies.groovy. for example:

mavenRepo "http://yourRepositoryHost/artifactory/libs-release-local/"

Custom Config

If you want to custom the config of Simian,you can add your config into Config.groovy:

    cludesFiles=[includes:"**/*.groovy **/*.java **/*.gsp **/*.js **/*.css"
  • reportsDir - the dir for generated report files,default value is APP_TOME/target;
  • fileDir - scan dir,default value is current app's root dir,you can set to "./grails-app" or other as you like;
  • cludesFiles - there are two elements, includes and excludes,each value is splited using a space;
  • methodParams - this is a params map, you can set method params of Simian,such as threshold,defaultLanguage,failOnDuplication,ignoreCharacterCase etc.If you want to know the other method params,you can check SimianTask.


This plugin is distributed under Apache License Version 2. For the license of Simian, please read it here.