Peapod podcatcher : script for fetching media from RSS/Atom feeds
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Peapod is currently designed to be run from the command-line - ie, it doesn't have a GUI. Once you have downloaded & extracted peapod simpy type :


This will create a default configuration file for you in your home directory in :


You can edit this file in a text-editor to set the defaults for the program. You can also over-ride the defaults by using command-line arguments which you can read by typing :

/path/to/ --help

To add a feed using the commandline simply type :

/path/to/ --addnew=

To fetch any updated feeds in your list just run :


To copy all the feeds you've downloaded recently to your MP3 player you can run :

/path/to/ --copynew

Every subsequent run with --copynew will copy all of the podcasts that you've downloaded since the last time you ran copynew.

To dump a playlist of downloaded files since the last time you ran playlist

/path/to/ --playlist > /path/to/podcasts.m3u