Strong chess engine or at least it is supposed to beat me.
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Manta Chess Engine

A strong chess engine or at least it is supposed to beat me.

Current Status

Manta Chess Engine is reasonably playing. However it does not beat me yet.

Implemented features:

  • Super simple GUI on console
  • Minimax search performance allows for 3 or 4 half moves (4 takes about 10 seconds thinking time, 3 takes about a second)
  • Evaluation of the current position via position for pawn, knight, bishop, ... Additionally pawn and knight get points for position on board and doulbe bishop gives extra points.

Some important features that are missing:

  • Standard GUI

Features for a stronger game

  • Opening book
  • More efficient search, ie alpha beta
  • Keep searching after max depth but only capture moves
  • How to improve endgame?

Next Tasks

  • Randomize if 2 or more moves have same score