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sulky tools - used by Lilith
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Latest commit 7a117eb @huxi logback 1.1.4
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gradle/wrapper Gradle 2.11
miscJars Moving miscJars to root.
sulky-blobs/src Shortcut for full length hashes in BlobRepository.
sulky-buffers-filtering/src/main/java/de/huxhorn/sulky/buffers/filtering Sprinkling interruptIfNecessary calls.
sulky-buffers-table/src Sprinkling interruptIfNecessary calls.
sulky-buffers/src Sprinkling interruptIfNecessary calls.
sulky-codec-filebuffer Diamond operator ALL the things!!
sulky-codec/src cleanup
sulky-conditions/src Diamond operator ALL the things!!
sulky-formatting/src Added TemporalAccessor support to SafeString.
sulky-generics/src Added GenericWrapper tests.
sulky-groovy/src Getting rid of Maven.
sulky-io/src Sprinkling interruptIfNecessary calls.
sulky-junit/src Fixed Java 8 javadoc warnings.
sulky-logging/src Added some more tests.
sulky-plist/src Getting rid of SimpleDateFormat.
sulky-resources Diamond operator ALL the things!!
sulky-sounds-api/src/main/java/de/huxhorn/sulky/sounds Fixed Java 8 javadoc warnings.
sulky-sounds-impl-jlayer/src/main/java/de/huxhorn/sulky/sounds/jlayer Sprinkling interruptIfNecessary calls.
sulky-stax/src Getting rid of SimpleDateFormat.
sulky-swing/src/main/java/de/huxhorn/sulky/swing Sprinkling interruptIfNecessary calls.
sulky-tasks/src Thread.interrupted() instead of sleep(1).
sulky-version/src Added show.warning.dialog option.
.gitignore Added .idea to .gitignore
.travis.yml Travis: migrating from legacy to container
COPYING.LESSER Added licenses to repository root.
LICENSE-2.0.txt Added licenses to repository root. Minor cleanup.
build.gradle Gradle 2.11
dependencyDefinitions.gradle logback 1.1.4
gradlew Gradle 2.8-rc-1
gradlew.bat Gradle 2.11-rc-1 Copyright notice 2010 => 2011
projectDependencies.gradle Sprinkling interruptIfNecessary calls.
settings.gradle Added sulky-version module.

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sulky is the umbrella project for several general purpose modules used by Lilith. In contrast to Lilith, sulky modules are licensed LGPLv3 & ASLv2.

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