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Dust3D Shortcuts & Hotkey Guide


- (Minus) Decrease Radius
= (Equal) Increase Radius
ALT + - (Minus) Zoom Out Rendered Model
ALT + = (Equal) Zoom In Rendered Model
, (Comma) Rotate Multiple Nodes (Counterclockwise)
. (Period) Rotate Multiple Nodes (Clockwise)
[ (Left Bracket) Decrease Size
] (Right Bracket) Increase Size
UP Move UP
DOWN Move Down
LEFT Move Left
RIGHT Move Right
A Toggle Select Mode and Add Mode
S Enter Select Mode
D Enter Paint Mode
G Enter Mark Mode
CTRL + S Save
CTRL + Z Undo
CTRL + Y Redo
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + V Paste
CTRL + X Cut
X Toggle X-axis Edit Lock
Y Toggle Y-axis Edit Lock
Z Toggle Z-axis Edit Lock
H Toggle Part Visible/(H)idden
J Toggle Part (J)oin/Not Join(to Final Mesh)
L Toggle Part Edit Lock
M Toggle Part X-axis-Mirror
B Toggle Part Face Generating Type: (B)ox/Subdivisioned Box
U Toggle Part End Roundable
C Toggle Part Chamfer state
E Switch the Selected Nodes to Different Profile (Main / Side)
F Bring the part widget of current hovered part to visible area
W Toggle render wireframe
O Toggle render flat shading
R Toggle canvas rotation


LEFT BUTTON Select / Move
CTRL + LEFT BUTTON Multiple Select
CTRL + ALT + LEFT BUTTON Multiple Unselect
SHIFT + LEFT BUTTON Rotate / Pull (End Effector)
MIDDLE BUTTON Rotate Rendered Model
SHIFT + MIDDLE BUTTON Move Rendered Model
ALT + LEFT BUTTON Rotate Rendered Model
ALT + SHIFT + LEFT BUTTON Move Rendered Model
WHEEL Increase/Decrease Radius
CTRL + WHEEL Increase/Decrease Size
SHIFT + WHEEL Increase/Decrease Brush Size (on Paint Mode)