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Release 1.0.0-beta.24

- Support part color copy and paste
- Add auto ragdoll animation, powered by bullet3
- Fix texture generation
- Fix optimized compiling options for windows
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Release 1.0.0-beta.23

- Fix rig bone name issue because of translation
- Update application logo
- Add deforming map
- Improve UV quality
- Speed up mesh generation by adding more caches
- Add deforming brush
- Remove drag mode icon
- Add hollow modifier
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Release 1.0.0-beta.22

- Improve intermediate nodes generation
- Add JavaScript language support for procedural nodes generation
- Optimize cut face endpoints sort algorithm
- Local average base normal to keep mesh flow
- Support Open and Export from command line
- Add check for updates to menu
- Fix inconsistent base normal when shape is too straight
- Add procedural tree example model
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Release 1.0.0-beta.21

- Fix build for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
- Fix cut face direction for intermediate nodes
- Fix mesh render result flashback
- Sort cut face list by x position
- Support customizing cut face per each node
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Release 1.0.0-beta.20

- Support language: Simplified Chinese
- Fix crash on cut face nodes ordering
- Improve quality of mesh generation
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Release 1.0.0-beta.19

- Improve Pose Editor UI
- Add new pose setting: yTranslationScale
- Add new base option: Average
- Fix part mesh generation variation
- Sort material, pose, and motion list by name
- Disable three nodes branch by default, could be enabled from preferences window
- Make flat shading as default
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Release 1.0.0-beta.18

- Add preferences settings, including flat shading, default color, and default combine mode
- Fix user defined cut face flipped normal issues
- Improve shader light
- Fix motion editor issues
- Improve nodes scaling experience
- Fix rig generation
- Add more built-in example models
- Change application logo
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Release 1.0.0-beta.17

- Remote IO Protocol
- Uncombined Mode
- User Defined Cut Face
- Base Plane Constrain
- Color Solubility
- Crash Fix

Title picture:

Remote IO Protocol:
This is an experiment with Evan from University of Florida, to enable third party software/hardware to control the modeling process of Dust3D. This feature remains in experiment stage and may not exist in the final 1.0 stable version.
See the protocol here:

Uncombined Mode:
There are Normal and Inverse modes there before this release for component, normal represents the normal mesh union, inverse represents the mesh subtraction. This release introduce Uncombined mode, which represents the component would not take part in the mesh boolean algorithms. Be noticed that, model with uncombined mode component exists, would not be generate as a watertight mesh.

User Defined Cut Face:
Cut face is the extruding shape, with this release, the cut face could be configured as Quad, Pentagon, Hexagon, Triangle, and User Defined. User defined cut face could be selected from other parts with the target set to Cut Face.
See demo here:

Base Plane Constrain:
Mesh layout and thickness adjustment are depend on base plane calculation. This release introduce the constrain settings: Dynamic, Side Plane, Front Plane, and Top Plane. It's useful to limit the directions of mesh been generated.
See demo here:

Color Solubility:
If one part configured color solubility, the generated color texture seam between the neighbor parts will be gradient filled using this part's color with the specified solubility.
See demo here:
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Release 1.0.0-beta.16

- Support onion skinning in pose editor
- Upgrade CGAL version from 4.11.1 to 4.13
- Replace triangulation with CGAL triangulate faces method
- Update CGAL kernel using from exact to inexact
- Fix invalid base normal on linux
- Remove cut face customization
- Make chamfer tool as a separate mini button
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Release 1.0.0-beta.15

Improved mesh quality: more quads with even edge size;
Remesh seams as better as possible and keep mesh manifold;
Support cut face customization;
Add chamfer tool;
Add back wireframe view;

Removed convex wrapping tool;
Removed global rotation buttons;
Removed rust language dependency: reimplemented mesh generator in C++.
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