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A LaTeX cls to typeset resume both in English and Chinese
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resumecls / CTAN mirror

A LaTeX cls to typeset resume both in English and Chinese

Usage / How to get it

  • resumecls has already been included in CTAN Mirror.
  • To get the cls file you only need to update local CTAN Packages.
  • For how to use it you can refer to resumecls-example repo.

Manual Compile

To get the cls file and document manually, you can make it either by Makefile or LaTeX command

Compile by Makefile (Recommended if your os supported)

Get resumecls.cls

make cls

Get resumecls.pdf

make doc


Clean all generated files except for cls and pdf

make clean


Clean all generated files

make distclean

Compile by LaTeX command

Get resumecls.cls

latex resumecls.ins

Get resumecls.pdf

xelatex resumecls.dtx
makeindex -s -o resumecls.ind resumecls.idx
makeindex -s -o resumecls.gls resumecls.glo
xelatex resumecls.dtx
xelatex resumecls.dtx
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