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This is an Invoice REST API which stores data in a MySQL database.
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Invoice REST API

Invoice REST API is an implementation of a simple Invoice REST API in Node.js, Express and MySQL.


With git and npm installed, clone the repo and install all dependencies

git clone
cd invoice-rest-api
npm install


Firstly, with MySQL Server (Windows, Mac) installed, create a new database, then import the dump file include with the repo:

mysql -u root -p #login to root account
mysql> CREATE DATABASE invoices_db; #create new database called invoice_db
mysql> ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY '__PASSWORD__';
mysql> exit
mysql -u root -p invoices_db < invoices_dump.sql #import included dump file into new database

The two lines above mysql> exit is to allow the API to authenticate. Replace '__PASSWORD__' with your root password.

Secondly, input your login details into the sql-setup.js file:

let username = "___USERNAME___";
let password = "___PASSWORD___";

Thirdly, start the server:

npm start

Now your server is listening on port 3000. You can make GET and POST requests to localhost:3000/v1/invoices.

GET parameters:

  • invoice_number: the invoice number you want to query (alphanumerial)
  • po_number: the purchase order you want to query (alphanumerical)
  • page: the page number you want in the query results (integer, defaults to 1)
  • page_limit: the number of items in one query results page (integer, defaults to 100)

Example: localhost:3000/v1/invoices?invoice_number=465ywghsh&page_limit=2 would give you the first two invoice entries with invoice number of 465ywghsh, sorted by created_at from newest to oldest.

POST format:

The API takes POST requests to localhost:3000/v1/invoices with a JSON body of the format:

   "invoice_number": "sf43gfgb",
   "po_number": "dfsg432gawe",
   "due_date" : "2019-01-26",
   "amount_cents" : 1999

NOTE: if no parameters are specified, all invoices in databases are matched.

Using the API with other databases

To connect to other MySQL databases other than the included invoices_dump.sql, input the database details into sql-setup.js

let username = "___USERNAME___";
let password = "___PASSWORD___";
let host = "__HOST__"; 
let database = "__DATABASE__";

NOTE: The database must have an "invoices" table in the following schema:

CREATE TABLE invoices ( 
    id SERIAL, 
    invoice_number VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL,
    po_number VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL, 
    due_date DATE NOT NULL,
    amount_cents BIGINT NOT NULL, 
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