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ReasonML implementation of the squarified tree map algorithm
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This is an implementation of the squarified tree map algorithm in ReasonML.

The main code is in this file. All functions have corresponding unit tests. Here is an interactive notebook so you can play and experiment with the code. It contains a lot of the unit test cases as examples of how to use the functions.

Please check out two articles I wrote (one and two) to accompany this code. I previously implemented a TypeScript version here.


  • yarn or npm install.
  • To build: yarn build or npm run build.
  • To build in watch mode: yarn start or npm run start.
  • To test, run yarn test or npm test.
  • To test in watch mode, run yarn test:watch or npm run test:watch.

All functions have corresponding unit tests in the test file.


let input: tree =
    LeafNode({value: 6.0, label: "A"}),
        LeafNode({value: 3.0, label: "BAA"}),
        LeafNode({value: 1.0, label: "BAB"}),
      LeafNode({value: 2.0, label: "BB"}),
    LeafNode({value: 4.0, label: "C"}),
    LeafNode({value: 3.0, label: "D"}),
    LeafNode({value: 2.0, label: "E"}),
    LeafNode({value: 2.0, label: "F"}),
    LeafNode({value: 1.0, label: "G"}),

let container = {x0: 0.0, y0: 0.0, x1: 6.0, y1: 4.0};

// The module contains the `traverse` function, which traverse the tree
// structure to perform layout:
let result = traverse(input, container);

// The output looks like this:
  {value: 1.0, label: "G", layout: rectangleG},
  {value: 2.0, label: "F", layout: rectangleF},
  {value: 2.0, label: "E", layout: rectangleE},
  {value: 3.0, label: "D", layout: rectangleD},
  {value: 4.0, label: "C", layout: rectangleC},
  {value: 2.0, label: "BB", layout: rectangleBB},
  {value: 1.0, label: "BAB", layout: rectangleBAB},
  {value: 3.0, label: "BAA", layout: rectangleBAA},
  {value: 6.0, label: "A", layout: rectangleA},
// where the rectangles look like this:
let rectangleA = {x0: 0.0, y0: 2.0, x1: 3.0, y1: 4.0};
let rectangleBAA = {x0: 0.0, y0: 0.5, x1: 2.0, y1: 2.0};
let rectangleBAB = {x0: 0.0, y0: 0.0, x1: 2.0, y1: 0.5};
let rectangleBB = {x0: 2.0, y0: 0.0, x1: 3.0, y1: 2.0};
let rectangleC = {
  x0: 3.0,
  y0: approx(5.0 /. 3.0),
  x1: approx(33.0 /. 7.0),
  y1: 4.0,
// ... and so on


If you use vscode, Press Windows + Shift + B it will build automatically

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