A light responsive Hugo AMP theme for blogger.
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A light responsive Hugo ⚡ AMP theme for blogger.



Go to the directory where you have your Hugo site and run:

$ mkdir themes
$ cd themes
$ git clone https://github.com/huyb1991/hugo-lamp
$ rm -rf hugo-lamp/.git

For more information read the official setup guide of Hugo.


Add image to article (content)

This is an AMP page, to add image, you have to use amp-img shortcodes, the syntax is:

{{< amp-img width="width-value" height="height-value" layout="responsive" src="image-url" alt="image alt" >}}

Replace width-value, height-value, image alt and image-url by your image.

A note: Hugo is static-site-generator, to add image to your site, please follow this solution [SOlved] How to… insert image in my post?.

Content config for SEO

In Front Matter section for each post, you should add title and description for SEO, example:

title: "Getting Started with AMP"
description: "Getting started with AMP. Implement these key steps to get up and running with AMP"

The title is the H1 tag on HTML page, and <title> in head section. The description is the meta tag for description <meta name="description" content=""> in head section.


Take a look inside the exampleSite at config.toml and update by your own:

Site Info

# Base config for your site
baseURL = "http://localhost:1313/"      # Your domain
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "Hugo LAMP"                     # Default site title
theme = "hugo-lamp"
googleAnalytics = "UA-XXXXXXXX-X"       # Google Analytics UA number

Main Menu

  name = "Hugo"
  weight = 1
  identifier = "hugo"
  url = "/hugo/"
  name = "AMP Project"
  weight = 2
  identifier = "amp"
  url = "/amp/"
  name = "Tags"
  weight = 3
  identifier = "tags"
  url = "/tags/"


For more details, take a look on official document for taxonomies

  tag = "tags"
  category = "categories"


  subtitle = "Light responsive AMP theme"
  author = "Huy Nguyen"                     # Your name
  logo = "/img/avatar.jpg"                  # Logo
  description = "A light responsive Hugo AMP theme for blogger"          # Meta description tag
  paginate = 10

  # SEO configs
  seotitle = "Hugo Blog Title (SEO Version)"                  # Overwrite site title for SEO purpose
  googleSiteVerification = "google_site_verification_code"    # Google Webmaster
  msValidate = "bing_site_verification_code"                  # Bing Webmaster


Currently only support Google Adsense as usual, maybe implement amp-auto-ads for future.

  # Google Adsense
  adsensePublisher = "ca-pub-XXX"       # Required if you want to include Google Adsense
  adsenseSlot = "XXX"                   # Required slot to display ads
  adsenseSlotSticky = "XXX"             # Enables sticky ads feature, value maybe the same with adsenseSlot, remove if you don't want display sticky ads

Social networks & connections

  # Social networks
  email = "name@domain.com"
  github = "github_username"
  twitter = "twitter_username"
  linkedin = "linkedin_username"
  facebook = "facebook_username"
  google = "googleplus_id_number"
  instagram = "instagram_username"
  youtube = "youtube_username"
  dribbble = "dribbble_username"


If you found a bug or got an idea for a new feature feel free to add a new issues.


Thanks to Steve Francia for creating Hugo and the awesome community around the project.