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Books Review System
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BRS - Books Review System

Project training how to use django




  1. Create virtualenv
    • mkvirtualenv name_virtualenv
    • workon name_virtualenv
  2. Install environment with requirements.txt
    • pip install requirements.txt
  3. Migrate database
    • python migrate
  4. Create superuser
    • python createsuperuser (user login admin)
  5. Copy file and folder in folder data_test to folder root.
  6. Dumpdata and loaddata
    • python dumpdata > [name.json]
    • python loaddata [name.json]
  7. Run
    • python runserver [port] (default: 8000)

Task Admin

1. Login
	1. Signin, Signout
2. Profile
	1. Change profile
	2. Change password
3. User
	1. List all user register
	2. Delete user
	3. View detail user
4. Book
	1. List all book
	2. View detail book
	3. Add, edit, delete book
5. Request
	1. List all request
	2. View detail request
	3. Update, delete request

Task User

1. Can register for app 
2. Can signin, signout
3. Can see the list of all books
4. Can search books by title, category, rating, favorite, etc.
5. Can rate and write a review for book (also can edit, delete it)
6. Can comment to a review (also can edit, delete it)
7. Can mark a book as reading, read, favorite
8. Can see reading history
9. Can follow/unfollow other users
10. Can send admin a request to buy a new book (also can cancel it)
11. Can see the list of the requests he/she sent


Framgia VN

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