Kanban board built with Elm
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Kanelm - Kanban Board in Elm

Run it locally

Assume you already have Node and Elm installed, you can use either NPM or Yarn.

  1. Clone this project
  2. Install dependencies:
elm-package install

💡 Note: Use yarn since the yarn.lock dependency file is up to date.

  1. Create config file from example config:
cp src/example.config.js src/config.js

Create an account on https://jsonbin.io/ to obtain the Secret key, create a new JSON file on this site. Put the URL into your config.js. You can find your bin's URL here:

Be sure to append a https: suffix to the API URL in the config.js, otherwise the built version in kanban-app won't work.

Your config should look something like this:

module.exports = {
    SECRET: 'you-api-secret-here',
    URL: 'https://api.jsonbin.io/b/{id-of-jsonbin-bin}'

The initial data for your JSON file should be:

{"taskInput": "", "tasks": [], "movingTask": null}
  1. Start the dev server:
yarn start

Deploy it on your server

To deploy it on your server, just run npm build and copy the two files in dist folder. It run as a static HTML page, so you can even put it on Github Pages.


To use dark theme, add dark class into `container**:


view : Model -> Html Msg
view model =
      div [ class "container dark" ] [

Light theme

Dark theme