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Gorose v1.0.4 has SQL Injection when the order_by or group_by parameter can be controlled.

then all of the three lines of code can work

go run dal.go 'if(1=1,id,username)'
go run dal.go 'if(1=2,id,username)'
go run dal.go 'id'

In website, attacker can execute SQL like:,(extractvalue(1,concat(0x3a,substring(
    (select group_concat(column_name) from
information_schema.columns where table_name like 'xxx'),1,30) )))

or other way like:

If we don't remind developers the potential risks of using untrusted input at order_by / group_by ,sql injection may occur.

developers may think the instructions are safe and sure of security. Most of them think the use of orm is 100% guard against sql injection.

So can we add a fun like 'order_by_safe' which receive field only in models.

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