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Backporting Master (#362)

* fix double slash (#352)

When called, double slash results in 301 HTTP code and the redirect which is necessary

* Release v0.7.1 (#357)

* Develop is the new integration branch

* Handle "Misses" for Identity Secrets Lookups (#331)

* Regression tests for group lookup misses

* Return None for group lookup misses

* Regression tests for entity lookup misses

* Return None for entity lookup misses

* Also update docstrings

* Move Test Cases out of Package Directory (#334)

* use utils function to get test data path

* rename test => tests and move contents into config_files subdir

* Move scripts subdir under tests dir in root

* Move into scripts subdir

* Update paths in

* clean up config_files readme a smidge

* move test dir into repo root dir

* update import paths

* start breaking out test utils into module

* Break out mock_github_request_handler

* Break out hvac_integration_test_case

* Break out server_manager

* Remove .coveragerc until / unless it is needed once again

* Add Okta Auth Method Class (#341)

* Rename auth subdir under unit_tests

* bonus GCP docs heading fix

* Add Okta auth method docs

* Add Okta auth method test cases

* Add Okta auth method class implementation

* Add pretty_print arg to create_or_update_policy (#342)

* Add pretty_print arg

* Skip new test on Vault v0.11.0

* Bump Vault Versions - Vault v1.0.0 (#344)

* fix TOXENV for 3.6 jobs

* Drop v0.8.3, add v1.0.0

* Update readme

* Handle different response keys in Vault v1.0.0

* Also work around new list response return type

* Add get_generate_root_otp utils method for v1.0.0 and/or previous vers

* Update missed TOXENV arg under allow_failures dict

* Call out why v0.11.0 is hanging about

* Clarify name/purpose of vault ver comparison methods

* Fix identity group conditionals (#346)

* Add regression tests

* Fix member entity/group ids logic in group methods

* DRY up conditional logic

* Add missing docstring content

* Gcp login doc update for issue 345 (#350)

* Clarify source links

* add google-api-python-client example

* Clean up unintentional modification

* Fix For read_health_status() Exception Handling (#347)

* Add url param for create_client

* Install consul for test cases involving Vault HA

* Update test harness with optional Vault HA / consul set up

* Add regerssion test cases for issue #339

* Add raise_exception param to requests

* Use raise_exception param in read_health_status method

* Add ipaddress module per

Somehow ended up with this urllib3 error for python 2.7 otherwise:
"urllib3.connection: ERROR: Certificate did not match expected hostname: Certificate: {'serialNumber': u'8D267F50728FF454',
'subject': ((('commonName', u'localhost'),),),
'notAfter': 'May 14 22:44:13 2025 GMT',
'notBefore': u'May 17 22:44:13 2015 GMT',
'subjectAltName': (('DNS', 'localhost'), ('IP Address', '')),
'issuer': ((('commonName', u'localhost'),),), 'version': 3L}

* Clarify docstring a bit

* Also add cases to cover both HEAD and GET methods

* Remove standby node magic strings; use method instead

* Fix seal_status Call (#354)

* Add regression tests

* Fix seal_status call

* More meaningful assertion

* Fix Request Redirection Handling (#348)

* simplify chained comparison

* Ensure regression unit test case coverage for paths/redirects

* Revert redirection handling back to the requests module

* Handle double slashes in paths

* Fix syntax for python 2.7

* Log when we transform a requested url

* Explictly assert that we have the expect requests in mocker history

* Clarify lease docs (#355)

* Updates for upcoming release 0.7.1

* Bump patch version to 0.7.1

* prune tests from packages (#356)
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jeffwecan committed Dec 25, 2018
1 parent 1ea30cb commit 537b41f50c7c7e09e813a45ebb7716e05fe5056f
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@@ -1,5 +1,29 @@
# Changelog

## 0.7.1 (December 19th, 2018)


* Support for the Okta auth method. [GH-341](


* Simplify redirect handling in `Adapter` class to fix issues following location headers with fully qualified URLs. Note: hvac now converts `//` to `/` within any paths. [GH-348](
* Fixed a bug where entity and group member IDs were not being passed in to Identity secrets engine group creation / updates. [GH-346](
* Ensure all types of responses for the `read_health_status()` system backend method can be retrieved without exceptions being raised. [GH-347](
* Fix `read_seal_status()` in `Client` class's `seal_status` property. [GH-354](


* Example GCP auth method `login()` call with google-api-python-client usage added: [Example with google-api-python-client Usage]( [GH-350](


* Note: Starting after release 0.7.0, `develop` is the main integration branch for the hvac project. The `master` branch is now intended to capture the state of the most recent release.
* Test cases for hvac are no longer included in the release artifacts published to PyPi. [GH-334](
* The `create_or_update_policy` system backend method now supports a "pretty_print" argument for different JSON formatting. This allows create more viewable policy documents when retrieve existing policies (e.g., from within the Vault UI interface). [GH-342](
* Explicit support for Vault v0.8.3 dropped. CI/CD tests updated to run against Vault v1.0.0. [GH-344](

## 0.7.0 (November 1st, 2018)

@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ def read_entity(self, entity_id, mount_point=DEFAULT_MOUNT_POINT):
:return: The JSON response of the request.
:rtype: dict
api_path = '/v1/{mount_point}//entity/id/{id}'.format(
api_path = '/v1/{mount_point}/entity/id/{id}'.format(
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
current_version = 0.7.0
current_version = 0.7.1

description =
@@ -1 +1 @@

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