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@jeffwecan jeffwecan released this Jun 8, 2019 · 27 commits to develop since this release


  • Fix kubernetes auth method list roles method. GH-466
  • Enable consul secrets engine. GH-460
  • Enable database secrets engine. GH-455
  • Many fixes for the database secrets engine. GH-457


  • The enable_auth_method(), tune_auth_method(), enable_secrets_engine(), tune_mount_configuration() system backend method now take arbitrary **kwargs parameters to provide greater support for variations in accepted parameters in the underlying Vault plugins.
  • Azure auth params, add num_uses, change bound_location -> bound_locations and bound_resource_group_names -> bound_resource_groups. GH-452


  • The hvac project now has gitter chat enabled. Feel free to check it out for any online discussions related to this module at:! GH-465
  • Added Vault agent socket listener usage example under the "advanced usage" documentation section at: GH-468

Thanks to @denisvll, @Dudesons, and @drewmullen for their lovely contributions.

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