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Note: This rooting method is for Joying PX5 units running Android 8.0.0. It will most probably run as well on the Joying PX5 Android 6.0.0 units, but there you can use the standard methods. Besides: if you are on Android 6, try to upgrade to Android 8.0.0. Android 6 is a "dead end". It will probably work just as well on any other PX5 running Android 8.0.0.

Note 2: This install script uses the "setenforce 0" method to root your unit. That is deprecated since Android 4.2 as it is less safe. Until now I (and many others) did not find a way to root our Chinese head units in the "safe way" (using setenforce 1). I will do my best to get the safe method working on our units (some day)!

This release contains a windows and linux install script to install the Chainfire SuperSU su binary and Chainfire SuperSU Superuser.apk on your unit. This will root your unit.



  • You need to have adb over tcpip working. See the first On your head unit section on my Rooting page. The second section "On your pc" of that page for the "Rockchip PX5-A53 ARM" is identical to the section below.
  • Linux pc/laptop only: First install adb via your package manager (like on Ubuntu/Debian like distributions: "sudo apt-get install adb")

On your pc

  1. Download the Superuser install script from the Releases page onto your pc/laptop. It's called

  2. Unzip the somewhere on your pc/laptop.

    • On Windows: Run CMD.exe as Administrator.
    • On Linux like OSes: Open a terminal.
  3. Reboot your unit before you start! My experience is that the adb daemon and/or tcpip stack is not so stable after multiple sleep/wake cycles.

  4. Change to the folder where you unzipped the files and change to the folder where the and copy_install.bat are located.

    • On Windows: Run the copy_install.bat script with the IP address of your Head Unit as a parameter: copy_install.bat (for example)
    • On linux: Run the script with the IP address of your Head Unit as a parameter: ./ (for example)
      (If necessary please do a "chmod +x" first if your script is not executable.)
  5. Wait until the script finishes.

  6. Reboot your Head Unit.

  7. When asked: DO NOT update the su binary. It will soft-brick your unit requiring a reflash with a new firmware ROM.

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