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@hvianna hvianna released this Dec 20, 2019

What's new

🎉 audioMotion celebrates its first anniversary! 🎊

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  • New Area fill visualization mode, which uses the same full-frequency data of the discrete frequencies mode, but displays a bright, colorful filled shape;
  • New luminance bars effect (LUMI switch) for octave bands modes, which always display full-height bars and vary their luminance instead, according to each band amplitude;
  • New option to select a random visualization mode on every track change (RAND switch); it will also select a random gradient, if the AUTO switch is active - great for parties!


  • Improved the look of bars at lower frequencies, especially for 1/12th and 1/24th octave bands modes;
  • Minor tweak to the Rainbow gradient to make cyan and blue shades a little more balanced;
  • Auto gradient and the new random mode now trigger on initial playback and previous track skip as well, not only on next track skip;
  • Shortcut keys changes:
    • Shuffle shortcut changed to "E" key;
    • "U" key reassigned to toggle the new luminance bars effect;
    • "A" key now also toggles random visualization mode in combination with auto gradient (three stages);
  • Added shortcut key hints to the player controls;
  • Improved display of feedback messages for keyboard controls;
  • Updated npm packages.


  • Addressed an error on server startup when running the executable file on Linux systems (related to an issue with pkg).
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