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K2 Halo Photometry
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Licence arXiv


Tim White, Benjamin Pope


Simply run

pip install halophot

or else clone this git repo, enter the directory, and run

python install

K2 Halo Photometry

This is code that implements a Total Variation (TV) based regularization for Kepler/K2 photometry of very bright stars.

We minimize nth order TV - i.e. the sum of the absolute values of the nth differences of a light curve - of a light curve created as the weighted sum of pixels, with weights in (0,1). This appears remarkably effective at removing pointing-based systematics from K2 lightcurves where it is impractical to do photometry otherwise and apply more standard detrending methods.

We believe this is of practical use for Kepler targets brighter than Kp ~ 6.

Basic usage

Call halophot either as a library of functions (/src/ or from the command line as, e.g.

halo ktwo200007768-c04_lpd-targ.fits --data-dir /path/to/data/directory/ --name Atlas -c 4 --do-plot

where --name is the star name you would like to save the outputs under, and -c is the campaign.


We invite anyone interested to use and modify this code under a GPL v3 license.


We request that anyone using this code for photometry of stars observed under the bright star GO programs in K2 include White and Pope as coauthors on any publications.

If you use our code, please cite

White et al. (2017), MNRAS, 471, 2882-2901, arXiv:1708.07462 

Or use this this BibTeX entry:

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