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Modeling Repetition and Variarion Project at the WiMIR 1st Annual Workshop
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wimir2018 - Modeling Repetition and Variation

This repository holds information on the Modeling Repetition and Variation Project at the WiMIR 1st Annual Workshop at the 19th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference which was lead by Anja Volk, Hendrik Vincent Koops and Iris Yuping Ren.

Repetition and variation are fundamental principles in music. Accordingly, many MIR tasks are based on automatically detecting repeating units in music, such as repeating time intervals that establish the beat, repeating segments in pop songs that establish the chorus, or repeating patterns that constitute the most characteristic part of a composition. In many cases, repetitions are not literal, but subject to slight variations, which introduces the challenge as to what types of variation of a musical unit can be reasonably considered as a re-occurrence of this unit.

In this project we look into the computational modelling of rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic units, and the challenge of evaluating state-of-the-art computational models by comparing the output to human annotations. Specifically, we investigate for the MIR tasks of 1) automatic chord extraction from audio, and 2) repeated pattern discovery from symbolic data, how to gain high-quality human annotations which account for different plausible interpretations of complex musical units.

In this workshop we discuss different strategies of instructing annotators and undertake case studies on annotating patterns and chords on small data sets. We compare different annotations, jointly reflect on the rationales regarding these annotations, develop novel ideas on how to setup annotation tasks and discuss the implications for the computational modelling of these musical units for MIR.


  • Anja Volk (Utrecht University) - Project Guide
  • Hendrik Vincent Koops (Utrecht University) - Project Guide
  • Iris Yuping Ren (Utrecht University) - Project Guide
  • Juan Pablo Bello (New York University)
  • Eric Nichols (Microsoft)
  • Jaehun Kim (Delft University)
  • Marcelo Rodriguez Lopez (Yousician)
  • Changhong Wang (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Jing Chen (Nanchang University)
  • Tejaswinee Kelkar (University of Oslo)

Presentation Slides

We concluded the day with a small presentation on our findings, which can be found here.

Discussion Notes

During the workshop we had discussions on who to set up a good annotation task, and the nature of patterns in music. The notes on the discussions can be found here as pdf or here as plain text file.


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