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Fix typo in comment

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1 parent 34be4fb commit 9a45b05efd3089a1916b0bfb284f89d20e12d035 @tibbe tibbe committed
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2 Data/Csv/Encoding.hs
@@ -237,7 +237,7 @@ decodeWithP p s =
-- These alternative implementation of the 'csv' and 'csvWithHeader'
-- parsers from the 'Parser' module performs the
--- 'FromRecord'/'FromNamedRecord' conversions ont-the-fly, thereby
+-- 'FromRecord'/'FromNamedRecord' conversions on-the-fly, thereby
-- avoiding the need to hold a big 'CSV' value in memory. The 'CSV'
-- type has a quite large memory overhead due to high constant
-- overheads of 'B.ByteString' and 'V.Vector'.

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