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PyGIT: added `GitCore.__repr__` to help debugging, otherwise `GitCore…

….__getattr__` gets in the way.
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1 parent d30c3ab commit 5cbdfd9cde39b30c61a311fbe3a1c46992520cae Christian Boos committed with Jul 26, 2010
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3 tracext/git/
@@ -42,6 +42,9 @@ def __init__(self, git_dir=None, git_bin="git"):
self.__git_bin = git_bin
self.__git_dir = git_dir
+ def __repr__(self):
+ return '<GitCore bin="%s" dir="%s">' % (self.__git_bin, self.__git_dir)
def __build_git_cmd(self, gitcmd, *args):
"construct command tuple for git call suitable for Popen()"

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