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Provide `Repository.parent_revs()` and `Repository.children_revs()` f…

…or `ticket-1492-svgweb`

With this change and together with rblank's graph view implementation
we get a working git commit graph view.

(See for discussion)
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hvr committed Nov 6, 2010
1 parent 672da40 commit 7c514e5ac96998a4a0d88e6e1b514556c40cd730
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@@ -440,6 +440,12 @@ def next_rev(self, rev, path=''):
def previous_rev(self, rev, path=''):
return self.git.hist_prev_revision(rev)
+ def parent_revs(self, rev):
+ return self.git.parents(rev)
+ def child_revs(self, rev):
+ return self.git.children(rev)
def rev_older_than(self, rev1, rev2):
rc = self.git.rev_is_anchestor_of(rev1, rev2)
return rc

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