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node['graphite']['base_dir'] unchangable from "/opt/graphite" based on python call #41

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Sander van Zoest Karsten Sean Escriva
Sander van Zoest

I made an attempt to install graphite in a different location by overriding the node.graphite.base_dir attribute, however, this had little effect. On line 42 in carbon.rb it calls the command "python install" without any arguments that specify the base_dir and therefore defaults to /opt/graphite regardless of what you change the base_dir too.

i do not know if there is a way to pass that in as an argument, but alternatively, creating a template for the setup.cfg that incorporates the base_dir should do the trick.

i will write a patch to do so when I find the time, but I figured I should file an issue anyways, so it is at least catalogued.

Sander van Zoest
Sean Escriva

merged, thanks @kmcminn

Sean Escriva webframp closed this
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