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"Installs/Configures route53"
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Latest commit 213fe2b @slyness slyness Version 0.4.0


Updates Amazon Web Service's Route 53 (DNS) service.


An Amazon Web Services account and a Route 53 zone.


include_recipe "route53"

route53_record "create a record" do
  name  "test"
  value ""
  type  "A"
  zone_id               node[:route53][:zone_id]
  aws_access_key_id     node[:route53][:aws_access_key_id]
  aws_secret_access_key node[:route53][:aws_secret_access_key]
  overwrite true
  action :create

NOTE: If you do not specify aws credentials, it will attempt to use the AWS IAM Role assigned to the instance instead.


bundle install

librarian-chef install

Edit .kitchen.yml and update attribute values.

kitchen converge

ChefSpec Matcher

This Cookbook includes a Custom Matcher for testing the route53_record LWRP with ChefSpec.

To utilize this Custom Matcher use the following test your spec:

expect(chef_run).to create_route53_record('')
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